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Ridin' the Rocketway

Head to the Southern Rocketway Terminus in Azshara and board the Redhound Two-Seater prototype at the top of the tower.
Take Your Orphan to Ride the Rocketway


I heard that the newest members of the Horde, the goblins, built a crazy road in Azshara and it's just for rockets! Can you imagine? Ever since I heard about it, I've wanted to pay a visit. I asked Matron Battlewail about it and she said it's called the Rocketway!

She even told me they're working on a prototype rocket with two seats. D'you wanna go there and see if we can try it out? I bet the experimental rocket is near the Secret Lab at the south end of the Rocketway...


This is gonna be the best Children's Week ever!


That was great! I even learned how to control the rocket and everything! Did you see how I saved us? I'm gonna be a rocket pilot when I grow up!


Upon completion of quests, get: