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Darkmoon Hurricane Deck

Return the Hurricane Deck to the Darkmoon Faire when it comes to town.
Hurricane Deck
Provided Item:
Hurricane Deck


Now that you have gathered all of the Wind cards together into a deck, a ninth card mysteriously appears with the same backing as the first eight. On this card is inscribed, "Return these cards to the Darkmoon Faire and be rewarded." You have heard that the entrance to this faire appears near Mulgore and Goldshire every month.


You can choose one of these awards:
Darkmoon Card: Hurricane Darkmoon Card: Hurricane


I see that you have managed to complete a Hurricane deck! Congratulations!


So you have put together a deck of Hurricanes. Your gesture of returning it to us will create a tie between you and the Darkmoon that will not soon be forgotten. Allow me to present you with one of the greater Darkmoon cards as a small token of our appreciation.


Upon completion of quests, get: