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Back to the Orphanage

Return your ward to the Shattrath City orphanage by handing in the Blood Elf Orphan Whistle to Orphan Matron Mercy in the Lower City.
Blood Elf Orphan Whistle


Darn it all! I guess it's time to go back to the orphanage at Shattrath City.

I've had such a great time. You're the best person in all of the worlds, <name>! You're my big brother now!

<Salandria's eyes begin to well up with tears.>

I'm going to miss you so much!!!


You can choose one of these awards:
Egbert's Egg Elekk Training Collar Sleepy Willy Legs Magical Pet Biscuit


It is good to see you again, <class>. I trust that you and young Salandria had a wonderful time together?


It is good for the soul to know that there are heroes such as yourself that are willing to give of their time so selflessly.

I can tell already that your time together with Salandria has made a huge impression. It's good for the children to have a chance to get out and see the world.

Here, she told me that she wanted you to take care of one of her favorite pets, just like you took care of her. Something to remember her by.

Don't be a stranger.


Upon completion of quests, get: