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Quick Facts
  • Group: Shattrath City

Lower City

The refugees of Shattrath come from diverse backgrounds and races. Word of helpful deeds spreads quickly among the Denizens of Lower City.

The Lower City of Shattrath is the place where the refugees gather and help out in their own ways. When someone helps any of the mixture of races who fled from war, word gets around quickly. Their quartermaster, Nakodu, is located at the market in the Lower City. The Lower City of Shattrath also contains a very useful Mana Loom or an Alchemy Lab. Many NPCs have extensive knowledge of crafting. The Battlemasters for both sides of all four battlegrounds can also be found here, as well as the World's End Tavern.

Other important NPCs include:


Until HonoredNote: Players aiming for faction higher than Honored should wait until honored to complete the Lower City quests.

Honored to Revered
  • Run Shadow Labyrinth in normal mode, ~2000 reputation.
  • Complete all available Lower City quests.
Revered to Exalted
  • Run Auchenai Crypts in heroic mode, ~750 reputation.
  • Run Sethekk Halls in heroic mode, ~1250 reputation.
  • Run Shadow Labyrinth in normal or heroic mode, ~2000 reputation.


Griftah, a vendor in Lower City, sells amulets which are very... interesting. He is quite the salesman, with items like [Marvelous Madstone of Immortality], which allows you to return to life as long as you return to the place you died. Buyer beware!

At exalted you can purchase a [Lower City Tabard]. Strangely, none of the NPCs in Lower City can be seen wearing one. Perhaps they cannot afford one...