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Quick Facts
  • Buy for: 70 30

Obsidian Arborweave Shoulderwraps

Obsidian Arborweave Shoulderwraps
Binds when picked up
1365 Armor
+282 Intellect
+454 Stamina
Red Socket
Socket Bonus: +10 Intellect
Durability 95 / 95
Classes: Druid
Requires Level 85
Item Level 378
Equip: Increases your critical strike rating by 203 (4.42% @ L80).
Equip: Increases your mastery rating by 172

Obsidian Arborweave Regalia (0/5)

(2) Set: You have a chance to summon a Burning Treant to assist you in battle for 15 sec when you cast Wrath or Starfire.
(4) Set: While not in an Eclipse state, your Wrath generates 3 additional Lunar Energy and your Starfire generates 5 additional Solar Energy.

Sell Price: 14 6