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Quick Facts
  • Group: Cataclysm
  • Quartermaster: Pogg
  • Side: Horde

Hellscream's Reach

Hellscream's Reach is Garrosh Hellscream's assault group, tasked with the mission to win the heavily contested Tol Barad Peninsula as well as the prison facilities of Tol Barad themselves. They have a small camp on the rocky southern coast of the Peninsula - Hellscream's Grasp. There a team of Garrosh's best orcs works with the champions of the Horde to establish a foothold in area, despite the thwarting efforts of undeads, ghosts, giant spiders, bandits and smugglers, undead pirates... and the Alliance's Baradin Wardens.

Reputation & Rewards

Unlike most of the other factions of Cataclysm, Hellscream's Reach doesn't offer regular quests or a championing tabard. Instead, they have a wide selection of dailies you will have access to every day. In addition, the rewards you can purchase from there quartermaster are bought with Tol Barad Commendation - not gold.
  • Dailies. Five or six dailies will be offered to you every day in Hellscream's Reach, Tol Barad Peninsula. Those quests will reward you with a total of 6, regardless of the selection. Your reputation may be either 1,350 or 1,500, depending on whether you get the Shark Tank daily (which is the only times you would have 5 dailies). In addition, every time the Horde controls Tol Barad, you will be offered 2 sets of 3 dailies there. One set will always be the same, and you can only complete those dailies once per day; the second set is chosen randomly from 3 options, and you can do each set/option once as well. This means that the total number of dailies you can do is 6 from the Peninsula + 6 from the first time you do Tol Barad dailies + up to an additional 6 if you get lucky with subsequent wins.
  • Baradin Hold. Clearing the raid instance Baradin Hold awards Hellscream's Reach reputation as well, but a relatively small amount (70 reputation per trash/boss).
Every daily quest you do will award you with a Tol Barad Commendation (Shark Tank gives two, but you receive one daily fewer if you have this one, so it balances out). You can use those commendations to purchase items from Pogg.