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Quick Facts


The Ramkahen is one of the three clans/tribes of the Tol'vir race living in Uldum - the Orsis and the Neferset being the other two. When Deathwing came back to the world and entered an alliance with the Old Gods and the elemental lords, he set out to make some allies (or servants, as he probably sees them) in the desert lands of Uldum. The Neferset tribe were the first one to fall under his sway, as he had promised them to lift the Curse of Flesh off them, restoring them to their former stone forms. The Orsis clan became the first victims of Neltharion's new allies - their entire clan was obliterated by air elementals and former Neferset brothers. Currently the Ramkahen is the last Tol'vir bastion against the combined forces of Al'Akir and Deathwing, and it will be up to Azeroth's champions to help them reclaim the lands they've lost.


As with most factions, quests will be your first source of reputation. When you exhaust those, you will be left with a couple of daily quests and championing.