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You're a Mean One...

Recover the Stolen Treats and free Metzen the Reindeer after defeating the Abominable Greench, who is hiding out near Growless Cave in the Hillsbrad Foothills.
Free Metzen the Reindeer
Stolen Treats


A creature called "The Abominable Greench" stole our shipment of treats, <name>. Be careful though! He's vicious and a bunch of those little green gnomes do his bidding!

You're gonna need some help in facing him. Rumor has it he's holding our treats and our beloved Metzen the Reindeer at Growless Cave in the Hillsbrad Foothills! Find the treats <name> and bring them back before the celebration is ruined and all the children of Stormwind are disappointed!


You will receive:
Stolen Present


<name> - our Feast of Winter Veil will be ruined without those treats to restock! Graccu himself will miss out on sharing his delicious meat pies with all the good boys and girls this season...


You found it! You've saved Smokywood Pastures' Feast of Winter Veil!

You're a true hero to everyone here at Smokywood Pastures and to all the children, of course!