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2. Valadar Starsong
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Valadar Starsong

Use your Lunar Festival Invitation in the moonlight to travel to Moonglade. Speak with Valadar Starsong in Nighthaven when you arrive.


Now that you have your Lunar Festival invitation, you may travel to Moonglade! There you will find many revelers, and in the village of Nighthaven Valadar Starsong and his sister Fariel await those eager to participate in the celebration.

Travel to Moonglade through the greater moonlight and speak with Valadar Starsong; see what prizes you might gain during the festival!


<name>, welcome to Nighthaven, host of the Lunar Festival! Although our village is normally remote and sequestered from the peoples of Azeroth, during this time of celebration we open our arms and hearts to all.

Enjoy your visit, <name>, and speak with me or my sister again when ready.