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Quick Facts
  • Level: 85
  • Requires level: 85
  • Type: Dungeon
  • Side: Both
  • Start: Alurmi
  • End: Alurmi
  • Sharable
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Documenting the Timeways

Slay a Legion Demon, a Royal Handmaiden, and Captain Varo'then, then allow Alurmi's Vessel to archive their information.
Legion Demon archived
Royal Handmaiden archived
Captain Varo'then archived
Provided Item:
Alurmi's Vessel


You... <name>, was it? You assisted with our archival in the past. Well, technically it was the future, but I believe you understand. Time is highly relative.

I require more information for our archive. While you and Nozdormu don't intend to overwrite this timestrand, as you did in the End Time, we can still benefit from more data.

I require information on Captain Varo'then, one of Azshara's pretty little handmaidens, and... hmm... oh, how about that big felguard, just down those stairs?


You can choose one of these awards:
Alurmi's Ring Treads of the Past Chronicler's Chestguard Historian's Sash
Also, you get:3760


We rarely enjoy the opportunity to employ a brave <class> like you. Our archive grows more thorough, thanks to your efforts.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 138800 experience (8328at max. level)