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The Fallen Chieftain

Take your orphan to Red Rocks to visit the funeral pyre of Cairne Bloodhoof. Call for your orphan if he is not present when you arrive.
Take Your Orphan to Visit Red Rocks


Matron Battlewail says that when Cairne Bloodhoof died, the Horde lost a 'voice of wisdom'. I don't know what that means, but I always wanted to meet him. Some of the other orphans even have his hoofprint.

Would you take me with you to Mulgore? Our tutor says tauren bring their dead to a place called Red Rocks to honor them. We should go there and see if we can find Cairne.


I want to visit Mulgore more often.


Someday, I'm going to be a great warrior, just like Cairne or the warchief. Everyone will remember my deeds, and the ancestors will welcome my spirit too!


Upon completion of quests, get: