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Meeting a Great One

Take your orphan, Roo, to visit the Etymidian at the Shaper's Terrace. Make sure to call for him if he is not present when you get there.
Roo taken to visit The Etymidian


High-Oracle Soo-say always tell us about how Great Ones built shrines and we give them shinies, but he never see Great Ones. No one see Great Ones, but maybe you know how to find one?

Soo-say told us the Great Ones made a waygate and put it in the center of the southern part of Sholazar. Soo-say not say where it goes, but maybe it take us to a Great One! Take us through that waygate and let's find out, <name>.


Do you know how to find a Great One? We've never seen one before.


We got to meet a Great One! Too bad it was during his nap time, but we understand. We like naps, too! Maybe we learn naps from Great Ones like we learn about shrines and shinies!

Can we come back and visit the Great One again when not sleeping?