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Assault on Bash'ir Landing!

Speak with the Aether-tech Apprentice at Skyguard Outpost in the Blade's Edge Mountains.


Heya, boyo ! Up fer some fun are ye?

Every couple o' hours, me aether-techs launch an assault on Bash'ir Landing, far ta the northeast in the Blade's Edge Mountains. They say that they're there 'studying' the Bash'ir crystalforge, but it's an assault; there be no two ways about it. We use the crystalforge to resupply, and there's always extra to be sold.

Go on down ta the landin' pad and speak with the aether-tech apprentice. He'll tell ye when the next mission is ta launch.


Also, you get:44


Despite how Keller cares to characterize it, I prefer to think of our missions as research-oriented.

But yes, we do resupply the Skyguard while we're there. That is if we can stay long enough to do so.

You look like you'd be willing to keep the ethereals off of our backs. If you can manage to for long enough, we'll sell you surplus items that we create at the crystalforge, so bring your apexis shards and crystals!

We leave in $4581d.


Upon completion of quests, get: