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Quick Facts


The faction Therazane, named after its leader Therazane the Stonemother, consists of all the earth elementals "living" in Deepholm. The story players can witness starts off with Therazane and her elementals being hostile towards all creatures, including the Earthen Ring and their attempts to restore the World Pillar. As time passes, Therazane's lieutenants and ultimately the Stonemother herself will start looking more favorably at the group of shamans and their chosen champions. At the end, a few selected members of the Earthen Ring and their allies will be allowed to remain in Deepholm and continue their effort to bring balance to the domain of earth.


Reputation with Therazane is earned similarly to how players earned rep with The Sons of Hodir in Wrath of the Lich King. Questing in Deepholm will take players from the Hated standing they start at to about halfway through Honored. Daily quests and championing will take you from there.
  • Quests. Quests in Deepholm require level 82, but the quest that will start the Therazane chains, Imposing Confrontation, will only come about 30% into the quest progression.
  • Dailies. Once you have completed The Stone Throne, which is one of the last quests in Deepholm, you will gain access to 6 dailies, worth a total of 1,500 reputation (250 each). Reaching Revered status with Therazane unlocks two new dailies, worth 350 reputation, but only one of them will be available each day.
  • Tabard. Once you have unlocked Therazane's Throne as a daily quest hub, you will be able to purchase Tabard of Therazane from D'lom the Collector there. As long as you wear this tabard, monsters in Grim Batol and Halls of Origination, as well as all of the Cataclysm heroic dungeons, will award reputation with the Stonemother. This method of reputation gain is called championing.
Exalted with Therazane grants Therazane. In addition, several daily quests have achievements tied to them such as The Glop Family Line and Fungalophobia.